When Is It Too Cold For A New Shingle Roof

When Is It Too Cold for A New Shingle Roof?


With the first day of winter just around the corner and the temperatures bouncing up and down some ask, “When is it too cold to nail a new shingle roof?”. The answer is rather simple. The temperature needs to be 40 degrees and rising. It’s not uncommon to see and hear roofers’ nail guns in neighborhoods nailing shingles below 40 degrees.  Unfortunately, this is bad and voids most all roof manufacture warranties! No matter who manufactures the shingle — Certanteed, GAF, IKO, Owens Corning, or Tamko, the temperature must be at least 40 degrees to nail new shingles. The cold weather changes the way the roofing materials perform. Installing roof shingles below 40 degrees can cause problems as the shingles may become brittle and more prone to breakage.

Now with that said, it doesn’t mean that shingle repairs can’t be made during cold conditions. Proper handling of the shingles is key. If shingles must be removed and new ones installed to make a repair, the new shingles should be stored in a warmer area 40 or greater before they are installed. Care must also be given to other roofing materials such as protector membranes and underlayment materials. These materials are used to seal your eaves, valleys, skylights, vents and plumbing pipes. In cold weather, care must be taken when using these materials to ensure they don’t wrinkle. Storing them in a warmer area (off the ground) before installation helps prevent problems when installing during colder conditions. 

An experienced roofing company and installers will be aware of the do’s and don’ts of nailing shingles in cold weather. Beware of a roofing company that says, “Oh it’s okay to install the new roof when it’s cold. We do it all the time”. It’s not okay and it will void your shingle manufacturer’s warranty if installed at the wrong temperature.

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