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What to Expect on Roofing Day

What to Expect on Roofing Day

The date has been set and Metropolitan Design/Build is ready to come and replace your roof. What should you expect?

Delivery of your roofing materials – this may differ from job to job it will depend on the roofing supply company’s schedule and workload at any given time of year. Typically, your new roofing materials will be delivered prior to the arrival of the Metropolitan Design installation work crews. This can vary from several days or prior to maybe the day before the scheduled job start date. In most cases, the building materials will be delivered right to your rooftop via a crane on the delivery truck. You will not need to sign for anything we handle all of this for you. Many times you will arrive home after work and see the roofing materials already on your rooftop ready for the installation crews.

Start day – Typically, we start early in the morning and debris is the first thing that will come down, it will be your roofing shingles, old underlayment materials, flashing, nails and other roofing materials. The old roofing material will be removed and the debris will be thrown down from the top of your roof into a dump trailer if possible or onto large heavy tarps. At Metropolitan Design/Build, we do everything in our power to contain the debris and are careful that no one or anything is damaged during the removal process. To help minimize any damage, it is a good idea to remove any special items that might be in the way and that you want to handle your self to ensure they are not damaged. Items such as potted plants, lawn ornaments, furniture or anything else that you think could be damaged by falling debris. Concerns regarding landscaping and plants should be raised with the project supervisor who will coordinate all the roofing removal and installation activities with you the homeowner. We work closely with homeowners to ensure that adequate space is made for the workers to do their job while minimizing any damage and headaches for you. It is also important to remember that sometimes damages to plants and other items are unavoidable and can occur.

Roof Day

It is a good idea to move cars, trucks, or other vehicles out of the driveway when Metropolitan Design/Build arrives to perform your repairs or roof replacement. Many times we will use trucks, dump trucks or dumpsters to collect and remove debris from the job site while work is performed.

When roofing contractors are working at your house it will be loud. This type of work brings banging and loud equipment. Be prepared for this. Men will be walking around on the roof. Things can shake. You should be aware this will occur. If for some reason you decide to leave your home while the work is being performed, it is a good idea to inform the supervisor and provide him with a phone number where you can be reached in case of any unforeseen issues may arise.

Pets such as dogs and cats can be especially annoyed when such repairs and work is performed. Animals should be kept inside and away from any of the workers and equipment. If you are able to relocate your pets to another location or stay at a neighbors house sometimes this is best if possible. Just be aware that pets and animals will be sensitive to the noise such work brings and we advise you plan accordingly.

Our expert roofing installers do this every day. We do everything in our power to make the whole roofing process as painless on the homeowner as possible. When the job is completed, our crews will use strong magnets to attempt to remove any loose nails or other metal objects that may have been thrown into grass areas surrounding your home. You should be aware that it is impossible that every nail is caught by these magnets and should use care after the roofing job is completed. All trash and supplies will be removed and the areas surrounding the job site will be returned to close as normal as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns not covered in the material above, please feel free to ask us. It is our intention to minimize any danger and provide you, the homeowner, with the best overall experience possible while work is performed on your home.


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