Is your house more than 10 years old? Does your siding look faded, chalky, and dirty? Is your siding cracked, dented, or damaged in some way?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a candidate for new vinyl siding on your home.  Spring is almost here and as we head to warmer whether we start looking around our houses exterior, checking Maryland Siding Contractorthings out. Is your homes siding drab, dirty, out of style or does it simply look bad?  There are many reasons for siding to reach the end of its lifespan, usually due to weathering and old age and sometimes from damage. Yes, damage. in the recent years, companies have sprung up around the Washington DC metropolitan area that advertise house pressure washing. You’ve seen the ads or received the flyers. Clean my house for $200. A guy with a helper will arrive with a powerful pressure washer that is 2500 PSI or more. They remove the dirt and grime (using powerful force aided by strong chlorine bleach-based chemicals) from your siding and when they are done, your siding looks clean and free of black and green mold. We’ll here’s the real truth about what has happened. You’ve paid $200 to have the protective coating on your siding removed by an inexperienced worker with an overly powerful pressure washer.  You should never clean siding with high power pressure washers and bleach based chemicals. Doing so strips the manufactures protective coating from the siding now exposing the raw vinyl to the elements and the mold and dirt adhere to the siding even quicker. The truth is that your vinyl siding is destroyed and cannot be fixed.  It will now oxidize and actually attract the dirt and grime faster making your house look dirty and in need of cleaning sooner than ever before. Soon the vinyl siding will break down and crumble away.

If you need new siding, today’s new vinyl siding products are better than ever before. Siding is available in many more colors than ever before and last longer with real warranties! At Metropolitan Design/Build, we can help you determine the right type of siding for your house, assist in color choices, and will insure that the installation under the siding is done properly.

The new tighter fitting siding and new insulation techniques provide homeowners with a much improved insulating solution than ever before. When siding is installed on your home, it is very important to add insulation under the siding. Many times companies will distract homeowners with siding warranties and other details. Warranties are important, but the insulation material used under the siding, installed properly, will protect your home and your investment for years to come.

Do you homework, research the different products, and educate yourself. Don’t just let any siding contractor install your vinyl siding. Contact Metropolitan Design/Build.  At Metropolitan Design/Build we are a licensed siding contractor and have been helping homeowners throughout the Maryland, DC, and Virginia area protect their homes with quality siding at affordable rates. Go ahead. Do the research and I’m sure you’ll find that our siding experts will do the job right. Call us today for more information regarding your siding (301) 870-2145.