Today solar panels on residential roofs is quickly becoming very popular and people are saving money on energy bills by having them installed. One of the first questions people ask is “Do I need a new roof?” Well, that’s a really good question! If your roof isn’t in the best of condition and older than 12 years old you could be faced with the added expense of replacing it.

It doesn’t make good sense to have your new solar panels removed and then reinstalled after a few years because you didn’t replace the roof when you installed the solar panels.

Can Solar Panels Hurt My Roof?

Bottom line no… today’s solar panels are built to last they don’t fall apart have no moving parts and most have warranties for 25 years or more. The photovoltaic systems are designed to hold up to the elements. They won’t fall apart. People ask “Well, what about the added weight?” Solar panels really don’t weigh a lot, maybe four pounds per square foot. If a new solar system is installed on a really old roof you do run the risk of the roof sagging under the newly added weight which could cause cracks and leaks. Another concern would be the solar installers damaging your roof during the installation of the solar panels.

What to do?

Get your roof inspected by a licensed roof contractor. The only way for you to really get a clear picture of the condition of your homes roof is to have a professional roof contractor inspect it. If you are about to invest in the expense of installing solar panels you need to know if your roof is going to hold up. Today’s roofing materials have much longer warranties, many 20 to 50 years and some more… Knowing that have a good roof warranty with a quality roofing system could save you thousands in the event that problems arise with your roof.

Installing solar roof panels is a smart move which will product renewable energy for years to come and save you money on energy costs. But be sure that your roof is in good condition before jumping into solar energy!

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