LED Lighting(LEDs – light emitting diodes) LED lighting is the hot new trend today. It makes sense, energy savings, low or almost no heat these simple properties alone are no brainer to move to this technology. LEDs are now being used in a verity of places throughout the home. Kitchen and bathroom lighting, under cabinet lighting, outdoor lighting, to toe kick lighting indoors and out, and other specialty locations throughout households.

The cost of the new LED light bulbs is much more than the old standard incandescent light bulbs. However, the lifespan and energy savings appears to far outweigh the old incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs lifespan is about 50,000 hours compared to 1,200 hours of the old style bulbs. When watts are compared LEDs come in at about 10 watts to the old 60 watt bulbs. The average total cost for 50k hours for the LED is about $85 compared to the $352.50 for the incandescent bulbs. 50k hours is just under 6 years if you were to leave the bulbs on continuously.

LED benefits:

  • Very energy efficient 
  • LED light bulbs last longer
  • Come in a array of colors
  • Are very safe (low heat)
  • LEDs are better for dimming (LEDs retain white light when dimmed)

Advise – when changing light bulbs around the home consider switching to LEDs and reap the benefits of the new technology and save money.