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The “roof” is one of the most critical structures on your home. It protects everything below it from rain, snow, sleet and the harsh elements. Many times it is simply forgotten until water marks or other serious warning signs of a leak appear. Roof issues need to be dealt with quickly to prevent further damage and also to prevent possible catastrophic damage to your roofing system.  To prevent roof leaks and problems, it is smart to establish a relationship with a reputable roofing contractor in the area. A planned, routine maintenance schedule with a licensed roofing contractor ensures you will receive the maximum lifespan from your homes roof system. Metropolitan Design/Build is a licensed roofing contractor that serves the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia metropolitan area.

By having your roof inspected regularly, you protect your home from possible roof damage and leaks.The different parts that make up a roof system need maintenance just like a car, boat, or motorcycle. Items such as roof ridge vents, vent pipe covers, fan covers and roof flashing, and skylights need to inspected regularly to ensure they are not damaged, cracked or in need of caulk or other maintenance. Loose shingles are generally found during a roofing inspection and can be fastened properly to ensure heavy rains and strong winds can blow them off.

At Metropolitan Design/Build, we work with many different types of roofing systems and materials such as:

Asphalt Shingles
Cedar Shake Shingles
Synthetic Shake Shingles
Slate Roofs
Synthetic Slate Roofs
Flat Roofs
Metal Roofs


Roof Repairs

Roof leaks may vary from home to home. Leaks can form from a variety of issues such as poor flashing work around chimneys or broken or damaged roofing shingles. It is not uncommon to form a leak in a valley on a roof or from objects hitting and damaging your home’s roof such as tree branches. Many times leaks can be quickly repaired with a new vent pipe covers or installation of new flashing. No matter what the cause, the professionals at Metropolitan Design/Build can quickly diagnose the problem and make the repair properly to ensure your home is protected.

Roof Inspections

Metropolitan Design/Build can provide you with the confidence that your roof will be inspected thoroughly, regardless of whether you are looking to replace your home’s roof, or to identify any possible storm damage. When you hire Metropolitan Design/Build, you can expect the best customer service and an honest report on your roof’s condition.

When you need a roof inspected, we will arrive on site and will inspect all aspects of your roofing system. Items such as dormers, chimney, wall flashings, ridge vents, and vent pipes will all be carefully inspected. Shingles will be carefully inspected for curling, cracking, and possible hail damage.

Each roof inspection is done with care and we are fully insured, so you can rest that you are protected.

As with any other major item, maintenance is key and having your roof inspected during the fall season is key to prevent any possible issues during the harsh winter months.

Don’t risk your home’s roof with an unqualified roofer. Contact us to schedule a fall roof inspection for your homes roof. You’ll be glad you did! (301) 870-2145

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