5 Simple Ways to Update Your Bathroom’s Style

Flooring Replacement

The flooring in your bathroom takes a beating.  There is a lot of wear and tear by general foot traffic, moisture, and cleaning products.  Replacing the floors can give you an entirely different look, from tile to a newer option, using luxury vinyl.  Luxury vinyl is beautiful, waterproof, and has a lifetime residential warranty, in 100’s of shades.  Want to stand out?  A new and relatively inexpensive option is to add a heated floor element.  What a great feature to get you comfortably through the winters!

Vanity Upgrade and Fixtures

The vanity is the focal point of the bathroom.  The challenge can be whether the vanity sits directly on the floor and requires you to also update the floor.  Regardless there are multiple options to update your vanity.  Vanities available now are more like furniture and you can get them in many different styles and price points.  There are some very beautiful options at very competitive price points.  Another option would be to paint the vanity and replace the cabinet handles/knobs.  That can provide a very inexpensive upgrade to your existing room.


Lighting is everything.  More lighting always enhances an area whether it’s a room, an exterior, landscaping, etc.  Same goes for the bathroom.  One of the latest trends is incorporated lighted mirrors into your design.  They typically have LED lighting on the perimeter and they provide really soft natural lighting that looks high end.  There are many many other options of vanity lighting that again are not just functional, but beautiful.  Another trend is adding a recessed light over the shower or tub, which sometimes can be dark.  You can always add additional recessed lights so that you have plenty of light when you’re getting dressed or putting on your make-up.


Just like vanities, mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and can really dress up a bathroom.  If you in to function over design, a larger mirror that is simply the width of the vanity is always a safe option.

Bathtub/Shower Frame less Door

A frame less door, whether it’s added to a bathtub/shower or for a shower stall really opens up the bathroom and adds light and elegance to your bathing experience.  You can get fancy on a bathtub frameless door with a half door curved that swings out…that’s pretty hip!


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